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Samsung Galaxy X Release Date, Features, Price, Specs, Review, News

Samsung indented to introduce a new phone that has the best display. This new smartphone is Samsung Galaxy X that promises to be the innovative mobile of the future. Galaxy X sounds like science fiction but it may arrive at stores sooner rather than later. The head of Samsung’s mobile phone division implies it. This executive revealed at the IFA fair in Berlin that Galaxy X could even be announced in early in 2019. Although now it is just an example, if we review the patents that Samsung has registered we can get an idea of what this innovative device will look like.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date:

The especially of Samsung Galaxy X will formulate its launch really limited, with very few units in the market. It will not be available until the following year when the launch is much wider. It is probable to be presented later this year during the Samsung developer discussion to be held on November 7. However, the selling will not start until well get into 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X Features:

This size will be appreciated when the mobile is completely extended. This size turns this device into a type of little tablet. Despite this caliber, Galaxy X will not be a large phone at all. When the screen is doubled, there will be the option to alter it into two in one and in another have the camera app. The device has an external screen to give a conventional use to the folding phone of the Korean firm. While deploying it we have a 7.3-inch AMOLED screen to use it as a phablet with 1,536 x 2152 pixels resolution. The little screen will be 4.58 inches with the 21.9 aspect ratio.

Manufacturer ensures that the screen can be folded without problems many times. It will allow us to run even after applications at once ideal to watch a YouTube video while working on another screen.

The experience that users will have when using Galaxy X in its extended mode will be very similar to what it has now when using a tablet. Although its screen is flexible and elegant the battery, the bevels and other parts could create Samsung Galaxy X larger and bulkier than another competitor. That is what we have seen in other less futuristic models, but that can be compared with the Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X

The phone could guard itself by folded features. Its continued retraction and extension could produce tear and wear that could put in danger its reliability. The fact there is a 4000 mAh battery capacity with this device. The camera configuration will build an 18 MP main camera and 8 MP single front camera. Maybe Galaxy X is the perfect step forward Tizen with the Android v7.0 (Nougat) operating system for mobile devices. At least you will have to change the Android operating system.  It may come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 MSM8998 Chipset and Quad-core 2.4 GHz Processor to create it companionable with such innovative hardware 6 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy X Price:

Maybe the most luxurious of the market Analysts analyze that the flexible screen of the terminal will cost at least 900 dollars. So if we unite the other pieces particularly the battery, which would be totally new and revolutionary and add the profit margin for the company, the Samsung Galaxy X may be closer to $1500.

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